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Ultraviolet-C Device Battles COVID CoronaVirus Pandemic

You’ve probably read our previous article about using ultraviolet light, specifically UV-C, to kill powdery mildew, gray mold and other pathogens on your marijuana plants. Now we’ve learned that the same UV-C devices you use in your grow room are being used in the global fight against the dangerous COVID CoronaVirus pandemic that’s killing people, forcing us into social isolation, and crashing economies and financial markets worldwide.

“Ultraviolet-C, known commonly as UV-C radiation, has been scientifically proven to kill or seriously deter pathogens such as Coronavirus,” explains Arne Aiking, founder of the Dutch company CleanLight that makes a variety of products used to block and kill powdery mildew, gray mold (botrytis cinerea) and other pathogens in marijuana gardens.

“When you use our devices to briefly dose surfaces, clothing, walls, equipment, liquids, and air with ultraviolet-C radiation, you’re killing or disabling pathogens easily, in a very quick, non-invasive, cost-effective, practical way,” Aiking explains.

The Growing Marijuana Perfectly team has been testing Aiking’s products. We’ve used his handheld CleanLight Pro to dose mature plants, seedlings, clones, grow rooms and equipment. We’ve seen powdery mildew disappear quickly after only a few CleanLight treatments. We’ve seen molds eliminated the same way. Aiking notes that most farmers find preventive daily doses are very effective at blocking outbreaks.

You see we gave our highest recommendation to using CleanLight UV-C for cannabis crops. Instead of using sulfur burners, Eagle 20, Neem, and other methods that don’t totally defeat powdery mildew or gray mold, foul crops and endanger marijuana growers and consumers, you just plug in a CleanLight handheld unit, briefly direct its UV-C radiation at your plants, grow room surfaces and gear, and drying and cured buds, and have much better protection against bud rot and powdery mildew.

Aiking says his company is receiving desperate queries from public health officials, hospitals, doctor’s offices, schools, and health-conscious citizens worldwide about using CleanLight products to beat the pandemic Coronavirus that causes COVID-19, a disease many people think is like a flu, but is far more infectious and deadly than the flu.

“COVID-19 is the illness you get after being infected by the new Coronavirus that was first detected in Wuhan, China in 2019,” Aiking explains. “Like other organisms our equipment kills, Coronavirus is extremely vulnerable to UV-C radiation.”

Aiking cites a stack of scientific studies and facts to back up his claims:

  • In the August 2019 issue of the Journal of Applied Microbiology, an article titled “Effect of UV-C light or hydrogen peroxide wipes on the inactivation of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, Clostridium difficile spores and norovirus surrogate” reported UV-C was often more effective than hydrogen peroxide wipes and chemical treatment for disinfecting health care equipment and facilities.
  • An article in the July 5 2018 issue of the journal Vaccine, titled “Ultraviolet-C irradiation for inactivation of viruses in foetal bovine serum,” reported UV-C radiation successfully, significantly reduced viral load of several different viruses.
  • An article in the June 20 2018 issue of the journal International Journal of Food Microbiology, titled “UV-C inactivation of foodborne bacterial and viral pathogens and surrogates on fresh and frozen berries” reported that a very brief application of UV-C radiation inactivated several pathogens, including hepatitis A virus (HAV), Escherichia coli, and parasites such as Cyclospora caytanensis.
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) has officially stated that ultraviolet-C radiation is useful in getting rid of the COVID-19  Coronavirus and other Corona viruses.
  • In the February 25 2017 issue of the prestigious medical journal The Lancet, in an article titled “Enhanced terminal room disinfection and acquisition and infection caused by multidrug-resistant organisms and Clostridium difficile,” researchers reported that adding UV-C radiation to existing hospital room sterilization materials and procedures created better health outcomes compared to standard sterilization procedures without UV-C.

Aiking says his company’s ultraviolet-dispensing devices are so easy and safe to use that they’re being quickly integrated into anti-pathogen equipment and procedural protocols used to battle Coronavirus at airports, schools, hospitals, other medical facilities, homes, and public spaces.

He says CleanLight UV-C by itself isn’t the only tool to use against the Coronavirus that causes the potentially-fatal COVID-19 disease, but is a proven part of the toolkit used against the spread of the COVID global pandemic.

CleanLight UV-C kills most if not all viruses and other pathogens on surfaces in grow rooms and elsewhere, he notes, but should not be applied to skin, and can’t kill the internal Coronavirus or stop COVID-19 once a person has been infected.

CleanLight has nearly 15 years’ experience making handheld and automated UV-C units used by small-scale home and craft marijuana growers, as well as by the largest licensed industrial-size marijuana growing facilities. CleanLight gear is also used in regular agriculture where it blocks powdery mildew, gray mold, and other crop-destroying pathogens in indoor and outdoor farms.

Some of Aiking’s products are huge automated devices and robots that can autonomously move up and down the rows of massive crop fields, eliminating pathogens with no chemicals, poisons, or residues. They’ve also created UV-C tunnels that can sterilize massive amounts of gear at one time.

Aiking says his company’s equipment goes beyond just dosing surfaces and equipment with UV-C.

“We make a free-standing air cleaner that can cleanse 100 cubic meters (3500 cubic feet or 200 square feet),” he says. “We also have a powerful inline or free-standing duct-like UV-C unit, as well as a UV-C water purifier. Each of these devices is useful in the fight against Coronavirus and other pathogens.”

Aiking’s company is one of few manufacturing professional, reliable, well-designed UV-C sterilization devices, and appears to have the best reputation, most reliable and effective products, and the most user satisfaction, based on testimonials Aiking showed us from CleanLight UV-C product users from around the world.

“We’re as passionate about defeating pathogens such as Coronavirus as we are about stopping gray mold, powdery mildew and other dangerous pathogens that ruin marijuana crops,” Aiking explained. “UV-C is an amazing form of radiation that we’ve harnessed in the war against pathogens that kill plants and hurt or kill people.”

He offered his personal email address,, and urges anyone who wants a safe, cost-effective way to fight back against Coronavirus to get in touch with his company immediately.

“We make professional, affordable, precision-engineered devices that can be used by a homeowner, hospital, school, airport and any other place where you want the proven power of UV-C working to help stop Coronavirus and COVID-19,” Aiking emphasizes. “We can create customizable solutions for large spaces and other unique situations. Please, for the sake of the world’s health so we can stop this pandemic before it does more harm, talk to us here at CleanLight.”

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