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On mission to eradicate virus germs, China firms see the UV light

A bus disinfected with ultraviolet rays as part of measures against the COVID-19 coronavirus in Shanghai. — AFP Re...

Features, Evaluation and Treatment Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Like other CoVs, it is sensitive to ultraviolet rays and heat.

UVC Light Can Slow Spread Of Novel Coronavirus COVID-19

Airborne-mediated microbial diseases such as influenza and tuberculosis represent major public health challenges. A ...

Chinese Officials Confirm Coronavirus Is Airborne Disease

Chinese health officials confirmed that the deadly novel coronavirus can be spread through the air, according to a S...

Novel coronavirus cannot survive in the air, UV rays kill it

Viruses are infectious pathogens that cause disease. It takes nutrients from the cells of other living things (hosts...

Killing Viruses with UV Light

Ultraviolet light is responsible for summer tans and sunburns. However, too much exposure to UV radiation is damagin...
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